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Geneo Super Facial is the Facial of the Future


Posted May 20, 2022 in Blog

Traditional facials pack a powerful punch and can do wonders for the skin. But what if that facial was supercharged and could do so much more? Enter the Geneo Super Facial, a 3-in-1 technology that takes a customized approach to skin health.

The Geneo Super Facial is so much more than your run-of-the-mill skin treatment. It uses effective medical-grade skincare ingredients with innovative technologies to tackle the most common age-related skin concerns. This non-invasive treatment works for all skin tones and types and is safe to use year-round.

How It Works

The secret behind Geneo is its ability to be fully customized, which allows patients to reach their skincare goals. Three steps comprise a Geneo facial treatment and four different types of facials to choose from depending on your skin’s current needs. 

Every Geneo Facial treatment includes exfoliation, oxygenation, and nourishment, and the amount of time devoted to each step is equal across the board. 


Within the Geneo OxyPod are natural ingredients that work to create a gentle, non-irritating skin exfoliation when combined with a specialized gel. This part of the facial helps to loosen and remove dead skin cells. This step also creates a surge of oxygen-rich blood to the skin’s surface to boost circulation and create a natural, healthy glow.

Oxygenation and Infusion

The oxygenation portion of the treatments triggers the body to produce high oxygen levels in the skin. Oxygenated skin is important because it provides the perfect environment for ingredients and nutrients to be absorbed appropriately. 

Once the skin is fully oxygenated, it is ready to receive a blend of specialized active ingredients and ultrasound and massage. 


The last part of the Geneo Super Facial is the nourishment phase. The skin is treated with a massage to soothe it and reduce puffiness and redness while simultaneously receiving the Geneo serum, which is chock-full of active ingredients. 

The Personalization Factor

The customization factor sets the Geneo Super Facial apart from other treatments. Every Geneo facial is personalized to target your specific skin needs with the OxyPod, used in every treatment. The OxyPods contain all-natural ingredients, including vitamin C, charcoal, red algae, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to boost skin health and appearance. 

After a Geneo Super Facial, the skin emerges healthier, glowy, and more radiant. And there’s no downtime, either.

What the Geneo Super Facial Targets

There are many skin concerns that the Geneo Super Facial targets. More popular issues include redness, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, and lackluster skin. Because the treatment is customizable, you can choose which treatments you want to address in a single treatment. 

The facial delivers noticeable results after just one treatment, but multiple treatments are often recommended to achieve your ultimate skin goals. It’s best to discuss your skin goals with your provider to determine the best plan and type of Geneo Super Facial for you.

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