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Legacy Laser 101: What You Should Know

Laser Treatments in Atlanta, GAAs a person ages, skin can lose elasticity due to slower collagen production. The result is sagging areas of the skin which may not respond well to diet and exercise alone. Additionally, many find that wrinkles, fine lines, cellulite, and even stubborn muffin tops may become even harder to prevent due to aging. However invasive surgery, painful treatments, and long recovery times aren’t necessary in order to treat these issues. Instead, many are beginning to realize the benefits of a new treatment offered by Dr. Brothers called the Venus Legacy™ laser therapy.


What are Venus Legacy™ Laser Treatments?


Basically, Venus Legacy™ laser therapy sessions involve a device which works to stimulate collagen production and increase cell elasticity while simultaneously reducing fat cells. The technology uses energy from specific radio frequencies and pulsing magnetic fields to create heat underneath the skin. With a suction-like response, the laser device pinpoints areas to reduce discomfort and produce effective results.


What’s a Venus Legacy™ Laser Treatment Like?


While a patient may feel some discomfort during sessions, most people don’t report much pain during Legacy™ laser treatments. This means no recovery! And, because sessions average around 15-30 minutes, it’s possible to get treatments before going to work or even on a lunch break. Typically, patients don’t see serious results without continuous treatments. But, most see the results they expect after about seven Venus Legacy™ sessions.


Am I a Good Candidate for Venus Legacy™ Laser Treatments?


Those who are perfect candidates for this type of treatment may want to reduce the appearance of collected fat around the waist, stomach, or thighs due to aging. And, hasn’t gotten the results desired by only using diet and exercise. Other ideal candidates may wish to reduce other signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin, and cellulite due to a lack of collagen production. Wondering if this type of treatment is right for a specific skin tone? Unlike some laser treatments, Venus Legacy™ therapy provides results for people of all skin types and colors.


Schedule Your Venus Legacy™ Laser Treatment Today


Alchemy Aesthetics, a partner of Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, is introducing Legacy™ laser treatments at their medical spa. Conveniently located near Acworth, Lilburn, Dunwoody, and Sandy Springs, individuals can now benefit from the painless, recovery-free advantages of this advanced cosmetic enhancement technology. To see schedule a consult for your treatments, contact us today.

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