Voluma® in Atlanta, GA

If you are bothered by the aging appearance of your cheeks, Voluma® might be right for you. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David B. Brothers, Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta offers Voluma® for men and women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Snellville, Milton, and Johns Creek.

What is Voluma®?

The only filler FDA approved for restoring cheek volume, Voluma® is a smooth, soft gel made from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance already found in your skin. It is uniquely structured to sit more deeply underneath the skin, achieving a subtle lift.

Benefits of Voluma®

In one treatment, Voluma® can add volume to the apex, the apple, and the hollow, producing a noticeable lift for a very natural improvement to the shape and volume of the cheeks.

Our patients find Voluma® to be a cost-effective alternative for enhancing the cheek contour, as it provides better results than less durable filler options, yet doesn’t require the level of commitment or recovery time of permanent cheek implants.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Voluma®?

Voluma® can be a great option to restore a more youthful appearance to cheeks that look a little sunken or hollow. It can also help patients add roundness and definition to their cheeks at any age.

What Do I Need to Do Before Having Voluma®?

Cheek augmentation [LINK] can be performed with cheek implants and Voluma®. Understanding which approach is best for you is important to your satisfaction with the results. A consultation with Dr. Brothers gives you the opportunity to learn about both solutions and decide which is best for you.

What Should I Expect on the Day of My Voluma®?

Voluma® is pre-mixed with lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, to enhance your comfort during treatment. Most patients describe feeling pressure and a pinching sensation as the filler is added.

How Long Does It Take to Administer Voluma®?

Treatment normally takes about 15 minutes, with little or no downtime needed afterward.

What to Expect After Voluma®

The most common side effects after treatment are temporary, mild to moderate swelling, bruising, tenderness, and redness at the injection site. These typically resolve within about two weeks.

Will I Have Scars After Getting Voluma®?

Voluma® is an injectable product that produces absolutely no scars.

When Will I See Results?

The Voluma® gel immediately lifts the cheek area. You will see subtle improvement as the hyaluronic acid attracts and binds with water.

How Long Will the Results of Voluma® Last?

Voluma® is clinically proven to last up to two years with optimal treatment from an experienced injector. Your body will gradually absorb the hyaluronic acid over time.

Additional Procedures to Enhance Your Voluma® Results

Voluma® can help with lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth, and Botox® is a great way to soften the horizontal lines on your forehead and those creases between your eyebrows.

How Much Does Voluma® Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of Voluma® is based on how much product is needed for your treatment. After your consultation, we will provide a detailed cost that includes the applicable fees for Dr. Brothers and his surgical staff as well as any necessary medical supplies and your follow-up care. Financing is available through CareCredit® and Alphaeon™ Credit, and we also accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

Do you want well-defined, contoured cheeks without implants? Voluma® may be the right option for you. At Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, we use the most advanced techniques for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David B. Brothers, and his team offer Voluma®, emphasizing improved self-image and confidence of men and women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Snellville, Milton, and Johns Creek. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation!

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