Breast Reduction in Atlanta, GA

You may be a candidate for breast reduction if you have large, heavy breasts, which may be the cause of breathing difficulties, back, shoulder and neck pain, poor posture, bra strap indentations and chafing under the breasts. You may also desire this procedure if you have excessive breast tissue, which may decrease a sense of attractiveness and self-confidence. If large breasts interfere with normal daily activities or with exercise, this procedure may be helpful to the patient. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David B. Brothers, Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta offers breast reduction for women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Duluth, and Druid Hills.

What is Breast Reduction?

Much of the focus in breast enhancement is on helping women with small breasts, but many live with the opposite problem — breasts that are too large for their body size and personal preference. Breast reduction not only makes the breasts smaller and more manageable but also alleviates physical symptoms that are associated with overly-large breasts. Having breasts that are too large can cause:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Bruising and abrasions from bra straps
  • Chafing and irritated skin under the breasts
  • Emotional challenges, such as depression and low self-esteem

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Benefits of Breast Reduction

The procedure is intended to give the patient a more attractive contour and smaller breast size as well as freedom from health problems associated with excessively large breasts. Improved self-image may also be a result of the procedure.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Any surgery requires that you be in good health, but some other considerations for breast reduction are:

  • Being limited in your activities due to the size of your breasts
  • Having chronic and frequent physical symptoms associated with overly-large breasts
  • Feeling uncomfortable with your breast size
  • Having unique challenges in finding bras and clothing due to the size of your breasts

What Do I Need to Do Before Having Breast Reduction?

We recommend that you meet with Dr. Brothers for a personal consultation. The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally. Major complications are rare.

You should also discuss the surgery with your insurance company to determine how much, if any, of the procedure, is covered. This procedure is commonly covered by insurance, though insurance criteria are becoming more and more restrictive. Our staff will assist you in obtaining pre-authorization.

What Should I Expect on the Day of My Breast Reduction?

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. Incisions are made around the pigmented area (the nipple areolar complex) and extend vertically below the nipple and in the fold under the breast. The nipple-areolar complex is moved upward to the desired location; excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed.

How Long Does It Take to Perform a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery can take one to three hours per breast. Dr. Brothers will explain the length and details of your surgery during the consultation appointment.

What to Expect After Breast Reduction

Initial discomfort subsides daily and can be controlled with oral medication. Scars will usually fade in six to 12 months.

Will I Have Scars After Getting Breast Reduction?

You will have scars after your breast reduction. The incisions are placed in a manner that helps hide the scars as much as possible. The initial scars can be prominent and will fade over time.

When Will I See Results?

You will see the results of your breast reduction immediately after the surgery. Not only are your breasts smaller, but you will also notice that physical symptoms are significantly reduced. Your breasts will be swollen, so you can expect the overall size and shape to improve as you heal.

How Long Will the Results of Breast Reduction Last?

The natural aging process may cause your breasts to sag. This can be corrected with a breast lift in the future. Some women also see their breast size increase after reduction surgery, but this typically takes many years. You may need a secondary breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of your breasts.

Additional Procedures to Enhance Your Breast Reduction Results

An additional procedure that would enhance the result is liposuction of the axillary area to reduce excess fat deposits.

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost in Atlanta?

The cost of breast reduction varies by patient. After your consultation, we will provide a detailed cost that includes the applicable fees for Dr. Brothers and his surgical staff as well as any necessary medical supplies and your follow-up care. Financing is available through CareCredit® and Alphaeon™ Credit, and we also accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

At Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, we use the most advanced techniques for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David B. Brothers, and his team offer breast reduction, emphasizing improved self-image and confidence of women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Duluth, and Druid Hills. Contact us today to schedule your personal consultation!

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