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The Myths of Breast Reduction


Posted July 01, 2020 in Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction surgery is very common in the United States, and many plastic surgeons report that breast reduction surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates. If you’re considering a breast reduction but are worried about the “downsides,” keep reading for clarification on all those myths.

Image of a model before and after a breast reduction surgery.

Will I Scar After Breast Reduction Surgery?

It’s a fact that all surgeries result in some scarring. However, many women will be surprised to know that scarring from a breast reduction can be quite minimal. The scars will always be there, but they will fade over time. And, remember that you’re trading some faded scars for improved breast shape and size.

Should I Be Happy With My Large Breasts?

This is probably the most frustrating comment to hear if your breasts cause you pain, discomfort, or self-consciousness. 

Shouldn’t you just be happy? 

The answer is a firm no.

A woman’s desire to have smaller breasts is her own decision. There can be a variety of reasons why a woman wants smaller breasts. Large breasts often cause significant back pain, which is why some insurance companies help cover breast reduction. Large breasts can make women feel uncomfortable, make exercise difficult, or make them feel self-conscious. 

Ultimately, only you can decide what you want to do with your body.

Do Large Breasts Negatively Impact My Health?

The answer to this question will vary for each woman, but large breasts can negatively impact someone’s weight. For some women, their breasts can cause debilitating back and shoulder pain that makes exercising difficult, if not impossible. And studies show that there is a link between back pain and large breasts.

So, yes, breast reduction can essentially improve a woman’s physical health.

Does a Breast Reduction Mean I Can’t Breastfeed?

Approximately 80 percent of women who have a breast reduction can breastfeed successfully to some degree. However, if a woman needs to reposition her nipple for breast reduction, it can make breastfeeding difficult or impossible. Each woman should have a consultation and bring up breastfeeding as a concern. Sometimes, the only solution is to wait to have a breast reduction until you think you are done having children.

What Are the Goals of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Each woman will have different goals for her breast reduction surgery. Some are looking to relieve their constant back pain, while others want to minimize the attention they’ve always received for their large breasts. Whatever the reason, the first step is to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your case.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re ready to move ahead with your breast reduction, book a consultation with Dr. David B. Brothers by calling (404) 257-9888 or filling out our online contact form. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Brothers understands how to give you the body you’ve always wanted.

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