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Posted July 17, 2014 in Blog

Throughout our lives, we modify our clothing choices to fit our age. Maybe you can’t get away with a mini-skirt anymore, or you’re finding it’s time to swap the stilettos for more sensible pumps. While we all want to dress appropriately for our stage in life, it turns out that using more mature fashion choices as a strategy to hide aging areas of our bodies may be a huge mistake.

Recently, we came across an article on that points out 12 common fashion mistakes that often have the opposite effect of what we might expect: rather than helping us look as young as we feel, in reality, these faux pas tend to add years to our appearance.

For instance, did you know that wearing large, thick eyeglass frames as a way to conceal wrinkles and dark circles can actually accentuate these signs of aging? Or that donning a collared shirt and a longer statement necklace will help you look much younger—and more stylish—than attempting to camouflage sagging skin with a bulky turtleneck.

The goal is to make sure our choices reflect the poise and finesse we’ve gained through experience, rather than falling back on old cliches that read as “over the hill,” rather than “on top of our game.”

And, instead of trying to hide wrinkles and sagging skin with frumpy frocks, you can also choose to fight them! Non-invasive procedures such as Botox, skin tightening or spider vein treatments can help you address unwelcome signs of aging and free you to find flattering clothing for your age and personality. We’ll be happy to help you find the right option at a personal consultation.

You can find out the surprising mistakes you may be making by reading the full article. Just don’t let what you learn cost you any beauty sleep—each one of the women here at the Plastic Surgery Centre is guilty of committing at least one of these mistakes!

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