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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos


Posted February 15, 2018 in Blog

Tattoo Removal/Laser Tattoo Removal in Atlanta, GAPeople get tattoos for a multitude of reasons and at various stages of life. In the moment, they seem to be the best idea ever, one that will transcend time and leave us in peace until the day we go from the earth. Then, a few years down the line, you realize that the duck inked on your arm just isn’t appropriate for the office setting, or that the skull tattoo on your leg scares your children. Fortunately, you are not stuck with these images forever on your body. There are some tattoo removal options to eliminate these marking from our bodies. Today, we will look at some common reasons for wanting to get rid of unwanted tattoos  and how Cutera’s Enlighten™ works to remove them.

Reasons for Removal

The Flame Has Fizzled – When you were young and in love, it seemed like a great idea to forever etch the name of your beloved into your bicep. Fast forward a few years, and you may not be able to stand the sight of them, let alone their name on your arm every day. If you are living with the name of an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife tattooed on your body, it may be time to consider tattoo removal.

It Was an Impulsive Decision – Not all decisions are adequately thought out, and unfortunately, getting a tattoo can fall into this category. Often, people will lose themselves for the moment in the excitement of getting a new tattoo. Only later will they realize that it was not the best decision. A not-completely sober tattoo can also be a source of regret that you would like to take back.

Not Right for the Job – A growing number of people are realizing that an ill-placed and visible tattoo can result in missing out on that new job opportunity or getting that second interview. Although many workplaces are becoming more accepting of tattoos in general, there are still some fields where visible tattoos are not allowed. Whether you are looking to get that next job interview or change careers, tattoo removal may be an option for you.

You Have Moved On – Perhaps you are just tired of your tattoo and are ready for a change. Maybe what you thought looked cool 15 years ago just does not strike your fancy anymore. Our clothing styles, musical tastes and bodies change as we age, just as our choice of tattoos can change over time as well. If you find yourself looking at your ink and wonder what you were thinking, then maybe it is time to consider having it removed.

An Option for Tattoo Removal

If you need to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, look no further than Cutera’s Enlighten™ laser system. This process utilizes laser energy to target the pigments of the tattoo. By penetrating the skin and disrupting the particles of ink in the tattoo, the ink begins to fade. The remaining particles of pigment will eventually be removed naturally by your body’s immune system. What makes Cutera’s Enlighten™ laser system so effective is that it is customizable to the different skin and ink types, and it is better equipped to treat various tattoo colors than older tattoo removal systems. This system is an excellent option for someone who does not want to undergo surgery and wants results quickly with fewer treatments, in comparison to other tattoo removal options.

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