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Posted April 28, 2014 in Blog, Facial Surgery

We were very excited to be among the first practices in Atlanta to offer the new filler from JUVEDERM®, VOLUMA™. Now that it’s been available for several months and our patients have seen the results, we’re starting to hear just how much they love it. Voluma reviews are glowing!

VOLUMA™ is different because it was designed to plump the cheeks, an area that had been hard to address successfully with other fillers. Sunken cheeks are often a telltale sign of aging, and VOLUMA™ does a beautiful job of restoring lost volume in that prominent area of the face. VOLUMA™ can also be used to give shape and definition to the cheeks as well, not just add volume, so it’s appropriate for younger persons who seek cheek enhancement, too.

Long-lasting, cost-effective treatment
The youthful results from VOLUMA™ have been shown to last up to 2 years, so it’s an economical way to add volume without having repeated treatments of less effective fillers. VOLUMA™ injections take only about 15 minutes and have virtually no downtime associated with them. You’ll see the improvement from VOLUMA™ right away.

If you’ve been concerned about the appearance of your cheeks but didn’t feel you had a good nonsurgical option, think again! VOLUMA™ could be right for you. Come in for a consultation so we can tell you all about the benefits of this new filler.

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