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Top 5 Recommendations for Liposuction Recovery


Posted February 18, 2022 in Blog, Liposuction

Liposuction areas of operation

Liposuction may be one of the more straightforward plastic surgery procedures that men and women opt for, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a no-rules-apply type of procedure, especially when it comes to the recovery portion of the surgery. Like all other elective procedures, there are plenty of tips to know before opting to go under the knife to allow for a successful operation and comfortable recovery. That’s why we compiled a list of 5 recommendations for liposuction recovery.

Extra hands are always appreciated post-liposuction, so don’t be afraid to ask for help around the house or with the kids. In addition, here are the top 5 recommendations for liposuction recovery that make it that much easier.

Wear your compression garments as instructed.

When you wake up from your liposuction surgery, you will be dressed in a compression garment of some sort that will help reduce any swelling and give a better contour and shape to the treated area. Follow your doctor’s instructions and wear the compression garment for the first few weeks at all hours of the day, except for showering. You can also use a piece of foam padding to help eliminate excess fluid accumulation and swelling. 

Get up and walk.

Even though it’s normal to feel tired, sluggish, and in a bit of pain, slowly walking around the house for a few minutes a few times per day are beneficial since they help promote healthy circulation. Staying stagnant for too long can slow down the rate of proper blood flow and potentially lead to complications. Also, until you get the green light from your plastic surgeon, skip going to the gym and bypass the treadmill for some good old-fashioned around-the-house walking. 

Opt for lymphatic drainage massage.

Most plastic surgeons agree that about one-week post-procedure is an ideal time to start getting a lymphatic massage. The massage helps move fluid through the lymphatic system to prevent the buildup of fluid and aggregated swelling.

Other surgeons like to combine the massage with radiofrequency-based treatments to help speed up the healing process while also encouraging reduced swelling.

If you’re a smoker, quit before your surgery.

There are many reasons not to smoke or vape before having plastic surgery. One of the most important reasons is that smokers have a higher risk of complications than nonsmokers. Plus, smokers tend to have less collagen and elastin in their skin, leading to a crepey appearance, which can cause prolonged healing. 

Expect some irregularities and lumps–it’s OK.

Part of the healing process is short-lived skin irregularities like bumps, lumps, and even wavy-looking skin, which are nothing more than the skin contracting and taking to its new shape. Removing the fat that lives in a particular area requires the skin to redrape itself to fit what’s underneath. If contour irregularities persist after six months or so, talk to your doctor about corrective options to help smooth them out if they bother you. This is one of the most important of the 5 recommendations for liposuction.

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