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Working from Home While Recovering from Plastic Surgery


Posted August 26, 2021 in Blog, Plastic Surgery Recovery

It has been reported recently that many companies are considering returning employees to the office at the beginning of 2022, instead of allowing everyone to continue to work from home. If that is the case for you and your employer and you have been considering plastic or cosmetic surgery during your work from home time frame, now is the time to schedule your surgery!

Here are 3 reasons to call our office about your procedure before returning to the office:

  1. No matter the procedure, if you have a start date to return to the office at the beginning of 2022, you have ample time to recover from your procedure while still working at home. September through January is more than enough time to recover from anything from a facelift to a tummy tuck and more! During your consultation with Dr. Brothers we can help you decide which month is best for you to do your procedure and exactly how long you will need for down time before returning to the office.

  2. Fall and winter recovery can sometimes be easier.  When considering the best season to do surgery, most surgeons will agree that fall and winter are easier seasons to do some procedures. Facial procedures that include laser treatments or resurfacing require patients to stay out of the sun for a period of time. That is made easier when the weather turns cooler and we head indoors. Also, most body procedures require a garment to be worn up to 6 weeks. Breast procedures require compression bras, liposuction requires compression body garments and tummy tucks require binders to be worn. These garments can prove to be hot in the summer months and much more easily covered and concealed under fall and winter clothing.

  3. Plastic surgery does have a busy season and we are about to approach it! After summer vacations are over, the kids have gone back to school, the weather begins to turn cooler and as we head toward the holiday season, people start to consider the surgeries they have inquired about during the year. People want to look their best for the upcoming family gatherings, or they have some time off work to recover during the holidays. From mid-September through February, dates for surgery can go very quickly. We always advise our patients to plan ahead and secure a date before the frenzy starts in the fall, so they can be assured to have surgery during the time frame they desire and not miss out due to our busiest time of year.

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