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Atlanta Residents Want to Know: What Can I Expect During Breast Reduction Recovery?


Posted June 07, 2019 in Blog, Breast Reduction

A breast reduction procedure can be very rewarding for someone who has previously suffered from oversized breasts. Making sure you recover the right way and feel your best is important in the recovery process. However, you may not know what to expect throughout this process or during your breast reduction recovery. You may be confused or overwhelmed by some of the steps. Let’s take the time to lay them out and explain each step.

What is Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes glandular tissue, skin, and fat from the breasts. This procedure is performed to reduce the size of the breasts and to reduce any complications that are associated with oversized breasts. This surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia and will require extensive recovery time.

What are the Steps to Recovering from Breast Reduction?

Following your breast reduction, you will receive complete care instructions from Dr. Brothers. It is important you follow these instructions carefully. Your instructions will include detailed information about the medication, application, cleaning and care needed. Following these instructions will reduce your risk of infection or open wounds.

What Can I Expect During the First Week?

During the first week after your procedure, you will need someone to care for you. You will wake up from the procedure with compression bandages on your chest. You will not be able to lift your arms above your head without pain, so you will need help with bathing and cleaning your incisions. Additionally, you will need help moving about and changing clothing. This person should be available for a few days to help you with basic care.

It is also common that you will have sutures and drains. The drains will need to be removed by Dr. Brothers about a week after the procedure. After the drains are removed, you will still need to wear the compression garment to reduce swelling. This garment will also properly align the breasts and allow the tissues to heal comfortably.

What Can I Expect a Few Weeks After Surgery?

In the weeks following your surgery, you should be prepared to have your stitches removed. Additionally, your breasts will be tender and there will still be some lingering swelling. This will gradually fade over the coming weeks. After a few weeks, you may be able to return to work depending on the field of work that you are employed in. You should continue to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity. This will allow your breasts to properly heal.

What Can I Expect Long Term?

In the long run, you can expect some hypersensitivity or numbness to the treated areas. This may last for a few weeks up to a year, but the normal feelings should return. Additionally, each woman heals differently. This means scarring and tenderness will vary from patient to patient. It is important to follow your care instructions carefully and contact Dr. Brothers with any concerns.

Are you interested in learning more about your breast reduction options? Contact us at Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta to schedule your consultation. Dr. Brothers can sit down with you to evaluate your breasts and determine if a breast reduction would be beneficial to you.

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