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Posted October 14, 2013 in Blog, Facial Surgery

Occasionally cosmetic surgeries are said to “bring the face into balance.” Since the nose is the center of the face, rhinoplasty is often the first thing people think of to improve proportion among their facial features. But changing one feature of your face may not result in your desired look; other areas often need to be brought into harmony as well. Changing multiple facial features at once may sound dramatic, but in fact the goal is a more subtle combination of improvements that help you look like yourself, only better! Keep Reading to learn about Cheek and Chin Enhancement.

Cheek augmentation and chin enhancement are two procedures that are commonly used to bring the face into better proportion. The good news is that each of these options are reasonable in terms of cost and recovery. They may be combined with other procedures (such as facelift or rhinoplasty) to achieve the overall look you want.

Here are a few key features that can be improved with facial implants:

Weak chin and lack of jawline definition
For those who are troubled by a weak or receding chin that seems to fade into the neck, chin enlargement can greatly improve the profile. Chin augmentation also refines the jawline, resulting in better balance between all the facial features. A chin augmentation is often a companion procedure to rhinoplasty, because the size of the chin can affect how the size of the nose is perceived. When done together, a harmonious blend of features can be achieved.

Chin augmentation can be done in a couple of different ways; if the issue is primarily cosmetic, implants are generally inserted. If the jaw doesn’t function normally or the chin is exceptionally weak, the jawbone may need to be surgically altered.

Flat cheeks or lack of facial structure
If shallow cheeks and undefined cheekbones make the face look older than you are (or older than you feel), cheek implants can provide volume and dimension when the natural cheekbones don’t provide it. While lack of prominent cheekbones may be genetic, it can also result from the aging process. A cheek implant creates more distinct contour in the mid-face; depending on where the problem area is, the implant can be placed through incisions in either the mouth or the lower eyelid. This can provide the cheek and chin enhancement you strive for.

Take a “test drive”
Some patients prefer to use dermal fillers to temporarily add volume to the cheeks or chin before they are ready for a surgical procedure. Dr. Brothers understands the importance of good communication when planning changes to your appearance. He will listen to your concerns and then suggest an individualized treatment approach for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation about creating balance between your facial features.

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