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Breast Augmentation: How Do I Know if I Need an Augmentation or a Lift?


Posted August 09, 2018 in Blog

Breast Augmentation in Atlanta, GAIf a woman isn’t happy with how their breasts look she can consider a number of breast enhancement procedures. However, the two most commonly practiced procedures, breast augmentation, and breast lift offer thousands of women the results they want each year. While these two procedures may commonly get confused, the truth is that they’re different. Plus, they offer entirely different results. Before talking to a plastic surgeon about a desired breast enhancement procedure, it’s best to first determine which type of procedure may offer the results you want.

What’s a Breast Augmentation?

When you think of a breast enhancement procedure, you might imagine a breast augmentation. Basically, this procedure involves using implants to reshape and resize breasts. This type of procedure is best for women who wish to experience larger, fuller, and more symmetrical breasts. It’s also a great option for those who wish to enhance the shape of breasts after experiencing pregnancy. Those who qualify for this type of procedure should be healthy and at or near their ideal body weight for their age and size. Plus, they should want the desired results of full, feminine-looking breasts that can last a lifetime.

What is a Breast Lift (Mastopexy)?

During a breast lift, the breasts are surgically lifted higher onto the chest. So, no implants are used to make the breasts more shapely or a different size. However, patients can expect to notice some difference in both the shape and size of breasts with this procedure. This is because excess skin, which previously caused the breasts to sag, is removed. Those who can benefit from the results of this procedure may experience sagging of breasts due to weight loss, pregnancy, and aging.

Determining the Difference in Procedures and Your Desired Results

Breast augmentation is a great choice for someone who wants larger, fuller breasts. However, those who are happy with the size of their breasts yet wish to eliminate sagging tissue can benefit more from a breast lift. Although, only a plastic surgeon can let you know which procedure may be right for the results you expect. If you’re ready to find out which breast enhancement procedure can give you the results you want, we can help. Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta is conveniently located near Buckhead, Milton Johns Creek, and Suwanee. Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brothers today.

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