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Posted March 03, 2015 in Blog, Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, GA

A common theme among New Year’s resolutions (perhaps it was on your list, too!), is a desire to look and feel better than ever before. Safe and effective, plastic surgery can be a great option to rejuvenate an aging face or body, smooth or enhance contours, or fix a bothersome physical trait.

However, we feel strongly that you’ll be happiest if you have plastic surgery for the right reasons and with the right doctor. A recent Huffington Post article highlighted some of the “do’s’ and ‘don’ts” when considering plastic surgery, and we’d like to touch on a few of our favorites.

Do It Just for You. One of the primary aims of our consultation process is gaining a full understanding of the patient’s goals and their expectations for the procedures of interest.

One of the most important “do’s” is to choose surgery for yourself. Don’t be motivated by external or societal pressures, such as your boyfriend wanting your breasts to be bigger or your girlfriend criticizing your nose. These people may be part of your life now, but you’ll live with your results forever. If you want to make a change to your appearance despite what others are saying, then you’ll know it’s just for you.

Be Realistic. For some, there is the belief that they can transform their looks to resemble a Hollywood starlet or famous athlete. Others inquire about a dramatic transformation that may be indicative of underlying issues with extremely low self-esteem or body dysmorphia, a serious psychological disorder that should be treated by a psychologist.

The truth is that the majority of us will look our very best, and feel most comfortable in our lives, if we still look like ourselves. Most patients don’t need more than a few surgical procedures and periodic non-surgical touchups to look and feel fantastic.

We Support Healthy Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgery. When considering a change to your looks or figure, the most important step in the process is choosing a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon. They’ll help you understand if you’re making a healthy, positive decision for yourself, keep you safe if you choose to have surgery, and provide natural-looking results.

As an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeon, Dr. Brothers is ethically bound to assist his patients in having reasonable expectations and selecting appropriate procedures that align with their goals. He works diligently to provide results that compliment each patient’s natural appearance and correct physical irregularities in healthy, positive ways.

If you are looking to enhance your appearance in 2015, please contact us to schedule a personal consultation. We look forward to working with you to design a treatment plan that will help you achieve the results you desire safely and successfully.

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