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Do Laser Treatments Really Work?


Posted October 05, 2020 in Laser Treatment

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Cosmetic laser technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. While lasers can’t “fix” every skin condition you’re unhappy with, the many types of lasers now available do address a wide range of skin issues. The fact is laser treatments work. Really! 

Woman undergoing an ultrasonic laser treatment on her cheek with her doctor.

Still, we understand if you have a few questions about their efficacy and the myths surrounding these treatments. Here are some answers to debunk those myths for you.

Do Laser Treatments Damage Your Skin?

You may be hesitant to seek laser treatments because you’ve heard they cause burns and harm your skin. Unfortunately, skin damage is possible if you go to an unqualified practitioner with little to no experience or one who uses substandard equipment.

However, with the qualified and knowledgeable technicians at the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, you are assured of the best possible care with the latest proven laser technology. Used correctly by professionals like ours, cosmetic lasers are safe, and they can deliver wonderful results.

Is It True That Laser Treatments Only Work on Light Skin Tones?

No. Skin tone is only one of many factors that determine whether laser treatment is right for you. Your health history, sun exposure, and the type of treatments and effects you are seeking are also important considerations. While some laser treatments produce better results on lighter skin tones, darker skin doesn’t disqualify you from laser treatment benefits. A personal consultation with our physician is the best way to learn what you can expect from a laser procedure.

Can Laser Treatments Give Me a More Youthful Appearance?

You have a few options that can minimize fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and other features that age your appearance. AcuPulse™, ResurFX, and Venus Viva™ can help you appear more youthful, as well as treat stretch marks and acne scars and minimize uneven skin texture.

Do Laser Procedures Target Uneven Skin Tone and Spider Veins?

They do. Our team applies excel® V or Laser Genesis™ for facial vascular conditions that cause broken capillaries, skin redness, and spider veins. 

Often, laser treatments for spider veins will need to be combined with sclerotherapy, an injectable solution that helps your body eliminate spider veins on your face, ankles, and legs.

Is There a Laser Treatment for Pigmentation Issues?

Yes. M22 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can lighten dark spots caused by sun and aging. PIQ04 is another pigmentation therapy that treats skin discoloration issues like melasma and lentigines. This laser uses acoustics—not heat—making it suitable for all skin types.

Is Acne Treatable With Laser Technology?

Lasers can help acne sufferers of all ages. Lumenis® IPL, Laser Genesis™, and Carbon laser facial treatments are a few of the tools we use to help patients troubled by acne, acne scars, and large pores.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta online or call (404) 257-9888 to learn how our laser treatments can help address your undesirable skin imperfections and provide you with a healthier, younger appearance.

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