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The PSC Atlanta Guide to Breast Reduction Recovery


Posted January 26, 2022 in Breast Reduction

breast reduction recovery model

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most impactful procedures. Patients say it’s life-changing, but like all cosmetic procedures, most people have many questions about what to expect during the recovery. This is why we crafted a guide to breast reduction recovery to help you have a speedy and ideal recovery.

Every person’s experience may vary somewhat since no two breast reduction procedures are precisely the same. So make sure to discuss all of your concerns with your plastic surgeon during your consultations. This way, none of your questions go unanswered. Plus, by preparing yourself in every way possible for your breast reduction recovery, you can make the process that much smoother. 

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to breast reduction recovery. 

1. Take enough time to recover.

Breast reduction surgery is major surgery, and to fully recover healthily; it’s important to take ample time off. That means taking time off from work and your everyday activities since your body will need to rest. Plenty of sleep is critical (you’ll be the most tired the first few days after the procedure), so arrange for help where you need it most if you have children, schedule for a babysitter or friend or family member to handle carpools, and school drop off. 

Most patients try to take upwards of two weeks off before returning to their daily routine and work.

2. Follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions regarding what bras to wear.

Immediately after breast reduction surgery, you’ll wake up in a special post-op garment. There will also be bandages on the incision sites. Your doctor may have you wear this bra for a specified period, and it’s imperative to follow these directions to a T.

Special post-operative bras help keep the breasts protected during the recovery period. They also provide the support that the breasts require after a breast reduction. Once your plastic surgeon gives you the green light to transition out of your compression bra, you can switch to something soft and comfortable, like a sports bra. The one thing to avoid at all costs is underwire bras, which can irritate the incisions and the under portion of the breasts while they are healing.

3. Sleep on your back.

It’s best to sleep on your back as you recover from your breast reduction surgery. This position is most comfortable for post-surgery patients, and it also allows for more support than sleeping on your side or stomach does. It’s also recommended to sleep in either your post-op compression garment bra or a soft sports bra for additional comfort and support.

4. Get up and walk around.

Following the first day after surgery, your plastic surgeon will recommend that you start to walk around. Moving around will help the breast reduction recovery process. In addition, moving will keep a healthy, consistent blood flow pattern. The one thing to avoid is lifting your arms over your head. Also, avoid anything strenuous and all pushing, lifting, twisting and pulling until your plastic surgeon tells you it is OK too. 

5. Shower with care.

After your plastic surgeon tells you it’s OK to take your first post-surgical shower, make sure you use products that your doctor says are safe and OK to use. You’ll always want to wash your breasts and the surrounding area with lukewarm water and fragrance-free cleansers. Gentle pressure from your hands or a soft washcloth is often recommended.

After showering, gently pat dry the incision area using a clean towel. 

You’ll also want to avoid taking baths for some time since soaking in water for a prolonged period can increase the risk of infection.

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