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What to Expect With Dermaplaning


Posted April 19, 2022 in Blog

Dermaplaning results after facial treatment

Peach fuzz, face hair, call it what you will—those fine vellum hairs on the face serve a protective purpose. Unfortunately, despite the good they may do, no one likes them. Most will stop at nothing to get rid of them. Thankfully dermaplaning can achieve the results you want. Here’s what to expect with dermaplaning.

When the facial hair is coupled with dead skin on the surface, the combination is often a lackluster complexion. But a simple, pain-free treatment can quickly fix that.

Enter dermaplaning. This professionally administered treatment works wonders to eliminate peach fuzz and dead skin in a single session with no downtime.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that gently and painlessly removes dead skin and facial hair via a blade. Usually performed after a facial, the all-skin-tone-safe treatment, sometimes called face shaving, seamlessly lifts away dead skin cells, taking the accompanying hair with it.

The Results

Dermaplaning is quick and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Immediately following a dermaplaning treatment, the skin is softer and smoother–many fans of the treatment say their skin feels like a baby’s butt. Plus, with less hair and dead skin on the surface, makeup applies smoother and more evenly, and your skincare products will penetrate better.

The results of dermaplanning are not permanent and will need to be repeated often. Although everyone is different, you can expect to reap the benefits of smoother, softer skin for about three or four weeks (some patients notice longer results while others say the hair begins to grow back sooner).

What Else to Expect

Although your skin will be glowy, there may be some redness following the treatment, so it’s best to stay away from anything harsh, like acids, for a few days. It’s helpful when you know what to expect after receiving dermaplaning, especially when some can feel anxious about the treatment.

Also, while dermaplaning tools and devices exist for at-home use, the blades used are different from what professionals use.

Those with active cystic acne should be cautious with dermaplaning and may want to skip the treatment until the skin is clear.

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