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Posted November 26, 2013 in Blog, Breast Augmentation

Are you worried about going back to work after breast augmentation? It’s exciting to anticipate the transformation in your appearance; many women spend years thinking about enhancing their breasts. In the midst of the excitement, some practical matters must be considered—like work! Many patients ask us how much time they need to take off from their jobs to recover from surgery; often vacation time must be saved up for the procedure and it is important to plan ahead.

Breast augmentation generally has a relatively easy recovery with little downtime, but it’s still important to allow for sufficient R & R. You’ll need someone with you for 24 hours or so, and then you can return to light physical activity, including leisurely walking. Just remember that it’s important to keep your heart rate and blood pressure down to reduce post-operative swelling or bleeding.

So here’s the good news: You will likely be ready to go back to your job after just a week, as long as it isn’t physically taxing—for example, you shouldn’t lift anything for several weeks. You should also no longer be taking any prescription pain medications. If you have any doubts about whether you’ll be able to return to work soon after breast augmentation, be sure to discuss your occupation and job requirements with your plastic surgeon. Returning to a demanding job too soon could compromise your overall recovery and results.

Although your normal routine can be resumed fairly rapidly after your breast augmentation, remember that you have had a real surgery. If you’re anxious to get back to your exercise routine or get back to work after breast augmentation, be patient: lower-body aerobic exercise needs to wait for 4 weeks after breast augmentation. Weight lifting, chest exercises, jogging, or swimming should be delayed for roughly 6 weeks to allow for further healing and prevent the implants from shifting.

After all the waiting for your new silhouette, it’s natural to be anxious for a return to normalcy after the surgery. The recovery period is extremely important, however, so follow your surgeon’s recommendations about resuming activity after breast enhancement and returning to the workplace. If you have questions about breast augmentation or the recovery, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Brothers. He will be happy to answer all your questions!

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