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When Can I Have a Mommy Makeover?


Posted May 12, 2021 in Body Contouring, Mommy Makeover

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Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on a woman’s body, leaving them with stretched abdominal muscles, sagging skin, stretch marks, sagging breasts, and other changes that may make them feel less attractive. 

Following your pregnancy, you may be wondering how soon you can get your pre-baby body back. And you probably want this as soon as possible.

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Contrary to popular belief, a Mommy Makeover cannot snap your body back to its pre-pregnancy state or even improve it in mere weeks after giving birth. In reality, having such a transformative surgery that soon would not be safe and may lead to complications and unsatisfactory results. 

The right time will depend on several factors, including:

Recovery From Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth put immense stress on a mother’s body, so it is only appropriate that you give your body adequate time to recover fully. 

The general rule of thumb is to wait for at least six months before undergoing any body enhancing procedures.

For mothers who have had a difficult delivery or experienced postpartum complications, it is extremely important that they wait even longer to ensure they are fully healed before any elective surgery is performed.

Further, you should wait for several months after breastfeeding to allow the breasts to return to their new size, which is often smaller than the pre-pregnancy volume.

Family Plans

Typically, it is best to wait until you are done having children before undergoing a Mommy Makeover. Future pregnancies may not be affected by the procedure, but they may negatively impact your cosmetic improvements. 

If you care about long-term results, you want to be certain that you are done with having more children before moving forward with the procedure.

Weight Consideration

The best candidates for the procedure need to be near their ideal body weight. 

As we all know, pregnancy can come with significant weight gain, and losing this weight can take time. Therefore, you want to wait until you have achieved your weight loss goals as losing additional weight post-surgery can cause problems with loose or excess skin, altering your Mommy Makeover results.

Demands of Motherhood

A Mommy Makeover is a demanding procedure that requires an extended recovery time. If you find yourself too busy with nursing roles, you may not be able to accommodate the recovery period. You may want to consider waiting until your child is a little older.

At Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, each Mommy Makeover procedure is personalized to the individual needs of the patient to help them look and feel their best. Mommy Makeovers usually involve a combination of procedures that address stubborn fat deposits, diastasis recti, loose abdominal skin, and breast and vaginal changes. 

These procedures include tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation with implants, breast lift surgery, a combination of breast augmentation and lift, and liposuction.

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