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5 Key Details That Make The Best Facelift Doctor In Atlanta


Posted March 29, 2023 in Facelift

Plastic surgery is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. The advent of new treatments and procedures and their demand means more providers and surgeons offering these solutions. But only some doctors are qualified to perform them, and the same goes for invasive surgical procedures like facelifts. We have some tips what makes the best facelift doctor in Atlanta

Despite the number of treatments that promise to tighten the face, a facelift remains the gold standard in erasing the hands of time and is still one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. A facelift works to eliminate age-related damage, deep wrinkles, and lines on the lower and midface and restore the contours of the face.

Good surgery is highly dependent on a good plastic surgeon’s skills and education. And choosing the best facelift surgeon in Atlanta will indefinitely influence your results. So if you’re considering plastic surgery, knowing what to look for in a facelift surgeon is step one to getting the results you are trying to achieve. Here are the key details to look for when looking for and deciding on your facelift surgeon. 

What is the most natural-looking facelift?

Facelift surgery is all about a customized approach to correcting the signs of aging that bother you most and that your face is exhibiting. Any good plastic surgeon will assess the symptoms of aging individual to your face and create a comprehensive plan to correct them. However, facelift surgery is an invasive and serious procedure, and the approach that works for one patient may not be fitting for another. That’s why it is essential to select the best facelift doctor in Atlanta that understands your pain points and can correct them, leaving you a happy patient. 

The fundamentals of a facelift include removing excess skin, tightening what remains, and repositioning sagging muscle and tissue to a more youthful position. Of course, some patients need a more aggressive approach to fully correct evident signs of aging to address the jawline, neck, and lower face. The result should be an improvement in wrinkles and fine lines, jowling, and sagging skin. 

How much younger will I look after a facelift?

Each patient is different, and the degree of youthfulness varies from person to person. Of course, the baseline you start with will influence how much younger you will look after a facelift. Adding additional procedures to a plastic facelift surgery may be necessary to turn back the clock to a point where you are happy with the results, and many patients require this.

The goal of a facelift is to look like yourself, just better. After facelift surgery, there should be an improvement in the tightness of your skin, the depth and number of wrinkles and lines on the lower face, and a restored sharpness to the jawline with less jowling.

How can I make sure I look natural after a facelift?

Modifying and customizing a facelift to meet your needs is vital in achieving a natural result. Some patients require more work than others, so choosing the best facelift doctor in Atlanta who understands what you want and what is bothering you is essential. Honesty and communication about what you expect your results, prior facelift surgeries and other facial plastic surgery, and routine non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments and procedures that you may do or have done, is key in finding the best facelift surgeon in Atlanta for you who can achieve the facelift results you want.

What is a facelift surgery recovery like?

The process involved with a facelift surgery recovery isn’t as bad as many patients believe. It’s normal to have bruising, swelling, and discomfort in the face for about one week. Many patients feel that over-the-counter pain medications are enough to mitigate any pain they may experience. After about two weeks, you should be cleared to resume your everyday activities and return back to work, but bear in mind that some swelling and bruising may still exist, which you should be able to cover up with makeup. As the incision points heal, the scars will begin to form, which can take up to one year to lighten up and settle in. 

While you may see the results of your facelift surgery immediately, it will take a few months for the swelling to subside and for the underlying tissues and muscles to settle. That’s why some patients don’t see the full results for a few months or longer.

Proper after-facelift surgery care is of the utmost importance. You should follow all instructions your facelift surgeon provides. Compromised results often arise from poor facelift aftercare and failure to follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations. 

What should I look for in a facelift surgeon in Atlanta?

If you are looking to get the best facelift in Atlanta, selecting a skilled, highly trained plastic surgeon who is board-certified with a good reputation and standing is crucial. It’s important to do your homework when considering a facelift in Atlanta and find a surgeon you feel comfortable with. Equally important is selecting a surgeon who walks you through all the procedure details, what to expect after facelift surgery, and the realistic results you can obtain with a plastic surgery facelift. Finally, a consultation before a facelift is critical to answering all your questions. We also have a facelift guide that can help answer some of your questions.

The results of your facelift depend on the skills of the surgeon you choose. Always consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Brothers, who specializes in facial plastic surgery.

How necessary are credentials and board certifications?

The best facelift doctor in Atlanta should unquestionably hold board certifications in plastic surgery and specialize in facelifts. It’s always a good idea to check that the surgeon you are interested in performing your facelift surgery is up to date in the appropriate education and training as well as cutting-edge techniques. Still, even board-certified doctors may not be the right fit for you or be able to provide the results you are looking for, which is why a consultation is always recommended.

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