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Atlanta Med Spa’s Best Recommendations For Laser Hair Removal Aftercare


Posted April 10, 2023 in Laser Treatment

You’ve invested the time and money in laser hair removal to get fuzz-free. Now, you want to keep your skin that way.  Following your provider’s post-treatment laser hair removal aftercare instructions and recommendations are extremely important to keep your skin looking its absolute best after laser hair removal. Plus, knowing what to do after removing unwanted hair will help speed up the healing process and leave your skin in the best shape possible.

Does laser hair removal remove hair permanently?

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure in Atlanta that effectively eliminates unwanted hair for the long term by destroying the follicle from which hair grows. Most patients experience permanent results with laser hair removal in Atlanta. Still, if the follicle is not entirely eradicated during the treatment, there is the possibility that the hair will grow back at some point. That’s why some experts refer to laser hair removal as more of a long-term solution than a forever one. 

In order to affect the hair growth cycle, a special light is used to target pigment in the hair. Pigment in the hairs attracts the light (that’s why darker hairs get a better response with laser hair removal), which travels down into the follicle. Once the light enters the follicle, it destroys it so that hair can no longer grow out of it. Since hairs all over the body grow at different rates, it’s essential to know that the hair must be treated several times to kill the follicle, depending on where it is at the hair growth cycle. The more laser hair removal treatments you have done, the more likely it is to prevent the hair from growing back. However, only damaging and not destroying the follicle ups the likelihood of the hair growing back. 

Are 7 sessions of laser hair removal enough?

Everyone is different; some need more than seven sessions to eliminate unwanted hair, while others may need less. On average, the sweet spot is somewhere between six and eight. 

There are a few factors that dictate how many sessions of laser hair removal you’ll need, such as skin color, the area of treatment, the color of the hair, and its thickness. Also, if you have had laser hair removal in Atlanta in the past, you may not need to undergo six or more sessions. If you’re considering laser hair removal in Atlanta, GA, it’s best to schedule a consultation to determine how many sessions of laser hair removal you’ll need.

Most patients say they see a slight decrease in hair in the treated area after the first treatment. From there on out, the hair will shed with additional treatments until it stops growing back in the treated area. 

Why must I protect my skin from the sun after laser hair removal?

The skin is very sensitive after laser hair removal (or any laser), and avoiding direct sun exposure is vital. In addition, some areas treated with laser hair removal are more sensitive and tender than others.

If the skin is directly exposed to the sun afterward, there is a chance for hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation and burns, which can cause permanent discoloration. About one month after treatment, it’s okay to go in the sun, but, of course, while wearing sunscreen. 

What are essential laser hair removal aftercare don’ts?

Knowing how to protect your skin after laser hair removal is equally as important as how to prep the skin for it. For starters, you’ll want to space out your laser hair removal treatments so that the skin has time to heal—every four to six weeks is best.

After laser hair removal treatment in Atlanta, avoid using lotions and other skincare products with fragrance or perfume is best, which can cause redness, rashes, irritation, and discoloration. If the underarms are treated, avoid applying deodorant to them for the first few days post-treatment to prevent potential irritations or rashes. It’s also a good idea to stay away from using body scrubs and exfoliators for at least the first few days since they can irritate the skin. 

Can I work out after laser hair removal?

It’s best to avoid working out or partaking in other activities that cause you to sweat for the first 24 hours after laser hair removal. That’s because sweating and driving up your body heat can cause unnecessary inflammation and irritation in the skin. Plus, the skin may be tender and sensitive after the treatment, and exercising and wearing tight-fitting exercise clothes can cause unnecessary friction. 

While researching the “best laser hair removal near me,” always choose a reputable provider who can guide you through the necessary aftercare steps. 

How many years will laser hair removal last?

Everyone is different, and there’s no set number of years that laser hair removal lasts across the board. Most patients experience permanent or long-lasting results, but that may not be the case for others. In addition, your skin tone and hair color affect how long the effects last. It’s also important to follow through with the entire treatment so that your results last as long as possible. 

How long laser hair removal lasts depends on several factors, such as skin type, hair thickness, and hair quality. The laser device used and its technology can also influence the treatment results–older laser hair removal machines may not provide long-lasting results, especially if they are considered somewhat old-fashioned. If the hairs slowly regrow and surface, you can always opt for a few touch-up sessions. 

Of course, if you’re considering laser hair removal, it’s always helpful to research Atlanta laser hair removal reviews to get a good idea of the average result your provider can achieve and how long it lasts.

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