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Arm Lift vs. Arm Lipo


Posted June 22, 2022 in Liposuction

Many women and men long for tight, toned, perfectly sculpted arms. Clocking countless hours at the gym may help, but a surgical procedure is almost always the solution of choice when you want to sculpt your arms for the long term. However, it can be a daunting task to figure out which procedure is best for you with all of the different options available. We put together the pros and cons for whether you should look into an arm lift or arm lipo.

Should You Get Arm Liposuction?

When excess pockets of stubborn fat hinder you from achieving the arms of your dreams, liposuction is often the treatment of choice to create a more sculpted, defined appearance, unlike an arm lift, which permanently excises loose skin—liposuction targets just fat. But the key is to determine how much fat there is versus loose skin, which will influence the final results.

Liposuction is the gold standard for treating fat, but it won’t improve or remove redundant skin or treat the underlying muscle. If extreme weight loss has occurred, arm liposuction may not provide the results you are looking for, and your plastic surgeon may recommend an arm lift to rid the body of loose skin that does not contract back to its original shape. However, many patients require a combination procedure that entails an arm lift and liposuction to achieve the best results when loose skin and fat are persistent problems. 

Those with good skin elasticity and excess fat in the arm are often good candidates for arm liposuction. Conversely, if the quality of the skin is poor and lacks elasticity, then an arm lift may be necessary—generally, the younger the skin, the better the quality of it. These are the main differences between an arm lift or arm lipo.

The Pros of Liposuction

For some patients, an arm lift is the way to go, but it’s a highly intense surgery that may be unnecessary for others. Also, only those with severely loose skin should consider an arm lift–if there is not an ample amount of laxity, you may not need the procedure.

The Scar is Barely Detectable

Liposuction is a targeted treatment to remove stubborn pockets of fat in the arm. It requires a couple of tiny incisions above the elbow that are not noticeable to the naked eye once healed. In addition, an arm lift scar runs from the armpit down to the elbow. There’s also another scar in the armpit. This scar is hardly faint and is even harder to hide. 

You Don’t Need General Anesthesia

Since liposuction can be performed under twilight, most arm liposuction patients do not require general anesthesia, making the overall recovery that much easier. More invasive procedures that require skin removal almost always necessitate general anesthesia to make the process comfortable. 

Liposuction Can Sculpt the Arms

Besides removing fat from the arms, liposuction can contour and sculpt the arms for more of a multi-dimensional effect than what a skin excision procedure achieves. In addition, experienced and well-versed plastic surgeons can create sculpted contours in some arm regions that are often only achieved via weight lifting and exercise. 

The Recovery is Much Easier with Liposuction

Recovery and downtime are essential to consider before committing to any surgical procedure. The recovery process is easier and quicker with liposuction than with an arm lift. While there may be some initial swelling with liposuction, you’ll be able to see your newly sculpted and defined arms much quicker than compared to an arm lift. The recovery time from an arm lift can be upwards of a few weeks.


Plastic surgery is a serious decision that can positively change your perception of your face and body, self-esteem, and outlook on life. Many plastic surgery patients say they are happier and more fulfilled after surgery. But like any aesthetic procedure whether its an arm lift or arm lipo or even minimally invasive or non-invasive—it’s essential to do your homework and seek a qualified and reputable plastic surgeon. Your surgical results are only as good as your surgeon’s, so it’s crucial to select a skilled provider that understands human anatomy and the procedure of interest.

Dr. David B Brothers is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in plastic surgery for the face, breasts, and body and minimally invasive and non-invasive medical spa treatments and procedures in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and surrounding communities in Georgia. Dr. Brothers is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

At Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, our focus is to consistently deliver a stellar patient experience with unparalleled results. Patient satisfaction is our top priority. Our face and body surgery services help patients obtain their goals. By custom tailoring each procedure to every patient’s body and aging concerns, we allow them to achieve their desires while they age in the most natural way possible.

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