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The Top 5 Aesthetic Treatments to Do This Summer


Posted July 22, 2022 in Blog

Summer means spending more time outdoors, and while that’s fine for enjoying an afternoon barbeque with friends, it may not be best for specific aesthetic treatments. The reason is that exposing your skin to the sun can hinder results, compromise the skin, and cause hyperpigmentation. So it’s best to save the pigment-reducing treatments for later in the year when you’re not outdoors as much.

But not every aesthetic treatment is entirely off-limits once the temperatures rise. There are plenty of summer-safe treatments to do as long as you wear sunscreen to protect your investment and know what’s an instant fix and what’s not. These are the top five aesthetic treatments to consider for summer.


Professionally-administered microneedling is an easy way to refresh the skin without much downtime. The 30-minute treatment is safe for all skin types and creates microscopic injuries in the skin that incite healthy healing and collagen production. That means that once the skin heals, you’ll see smoother, plumper skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Depending on the depth of your microneedling treatment, you may need to take a day or two off from your summer social calendar. But, overall, the recovery is minimal, and you can easily cover up any redness with makeup. 


Hands down, one of the best treatments to do during the summer (and year-round) is dermaplaning. Whether done alongside a facial or on its own, dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation that gently and safely removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the skin’s surface. There’s no downtime with dermaplaning, and the results are instant—think fresh, glowy skin that’s as smooth as silk. Plus, dermaplaning is the perfect way to eliminate any lingering winter dryness and dead skin cells that may be dulling your complexion.   


Injectables, like Botox, are one of those no-seasons-are-off-limits treatments. Since there’s no light or laser used and no skin removed or ablated, there’s no reason not to enjoy the wrinkle-reducing effects of Botox in the summer. Of course, you’ll want to avoid sun exposure before and after your Botox treatment because UV rays can break down collagen and cause premature photoaging causing more sun damage and wrinkles. 

Geneo Facial

Facials are always in the cards, and a supercharged one, like the Geneo Facial, is ideal for summer-stressed skin. So much more than your average pampering facial, this one sets the stage for healthy skin and rejuvenates the complexion. The customized Geneo Facial rejuvenates the skin without compromising its barrier function, so there’s virtually no downtime. Plus, the 3-in-1 facial treatment oxygenates, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, so it glows.

Skin Tighteners

Skin tightening treatments, like the Venus Legacy, are safe to do year-round. That’s because these treatments use radiofrequency technology, which does not use light or a laser and requires no downtime. Perfect for improving loose skin, cellulite, and wrinkles, you will need a few treatments of the Venus Legacy to see the full results. So, if you’re planning to have tighter skin by the end of the summer, it’s best to prepare and plan. 

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