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Surgical & Non-Surgical Options for Chin Reduction


Posted July 22, 2022 in Facial Surgery

The chin area isn’t immune to aging. Like other areas of the face, the chin experiences many changes that can take it from sharp and defined to a feature that lacks shape. As fat accumulates under the chin and the skin starts to sag, it’s normal for the chin to lose its sharp lines and melt into the neck. There are options for chin reduction that can help these problems.

But just because your chin has fallen victim to the signs of aging doesn’t mean you have to accept it. You don’t. Several surgical and non-surgical options redefine the chin and rejuvenate the face. 


Chin Reduction

Perhaps the most invasive options to reduce the chin is a chin reduction (mentoplasty) which surgically reduces the size and shape of the chin by permanently adjusting the bone. Those with prominent chins are best suited for the procedure since it creates a more defined contour between the chin, jaw, and neck. Chin reduction is major surgery and has a pretty intense recovery period; patients often choose to pair it with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Chin Implant

Placing a small silicone implant through a small incision in the underside of the chin allows for better definition and structure. It also can change the size and shape of the chin. A chin implant is a procedure that is often combined with rhinoplasty to create a harmonious balance between the nose and chin.


Fat accumulates under the chin as we age, giving way to a ‘double chin’ or ‘turkey neck’ look. Chin Liposuction can remove excess fat when there’s enough pinchable fat in the area. However, if there is loose skin, too, you may need a neck lift to create a tight chin-to-neck area. 



One of the most popular options for chin reduction is Injecting a fat-dissolving chemical into the fat pockets under the chin can help create a more streamlined appearance without surgery. Some patients opt for Kybella over liposuction because they don’t want the expense and recovery of liposuction. But that doesn’t mean that a few Kyeblla treatments don’t come with some downtime. Although it’s a less invasive treatment, the area under the chin will be swollen and red for a few days as the fat dies under the chin. Most patients need two to three treatments to redefine the chin area.


Some patients don’t have extra fat to tackle but need to build up the chin to balance the rest of the face. Dermal fillers injected into the chin can add definition. Injecting filler into the chin can also help define the jawline, tighten the skin, and create balance in the face.

The procedure continues to rise in popularity as more patients are interested in a strong jawline and chin. And when done right, adding filler to the chin can make the lower third of the face less square and more heart-shaped.


If small dimples and a bumpy texture on the chin bother you, a few injections of Botox can smooth the area. The treatment is quick, easy, and downtime free. In addition, it evens out the dimpled skin by limiting muscle movement in the area.

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