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Comparing Refyne and Defyne


Posted March 15, 2018 in Blog

When choosing a dermal filler, there are several options to consider. If you have researched dermal fillers or have had a procedure yourself, then you are probably familiar with the name RestylaneⓇ.. Recently, the FDA has approved two new products to address the specific needs of aging. Let us introduce you to RestylaneⓇ Refyne and RestylaneⓇ Defyne, the two newest members of the RestylaneⓇ family. Let us look at each product and discuss some pros and cons of each treatment. Both treatments allow for more fluid and natural looking facial movements in comparison to other dermal filler options.

RestylaneⓇ Refyne

Restylane® Refyne in Atlanta, GARestylaneⓇ Refyne is an FDA approved dermal filler for the treatment of mild to moderate facial wrinkles, folds and lines. It works by adding volume to the face. One pro of this treatment is that it is more flexible, making it an ideal candidate for mild wrinkles, folds or lines. Due to the malleability of RestylaneⓇ Refyne, it is the better option for laugh lines and treating the area under the eyes. It is a fantastic choice for those looking to diminish the signs of aging without having surgery. Treatment is quick; the process typically takes around one hour. Some cons of RestylaneⓇ Refyne are that it can cause temporary tenderness and redness at the treatment site.

Restylane DefyneⓇ

Restylane® Defyne in Atlanta, GARestylane DefyneⓇ is an FDA approved dermal filler for the treatment of marionette lines and nasolabial folds. It works by using hyaluronic acid that binds to water to improve the skin’s smoothness and softness. One pro of this treatment is that it is better suited to treat deep wrinkles. Since it is a firmer product than RestylaneⓇ Refyne, this makes RestylaneⓇ Defyne a better choice for the nose and cheek regions of the face. This treatment also takes around one hour and does not require surgery. Some cons of this procedure include temporary sensitivity and redness at the treatment site.

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