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The Different Types of Breast Implants


Posted April 17, 2018 in Blog, Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants in Atlanta, GAWith everyone from Hollywood celebrities to the mom of four next door electing to modify their bodies, breast enhancement is no longer a taboo topic. Positive attention on plastic surgeries has drummed up greater interest in the variety of breast implants available. So, if you have been considering enhancing your look with breast implants, it is important to know the different types available.

About Breast Augmentations

If you are seeking breast augmentation, there are a variety of implant options:

  • Saline – Made from a shell that is filled with sterile salt water, these implants provide a uniform shape, firmness and If the shell should break, the implant collapses and the saline is naturally absorbed and expelled by the body.
  • Structured Saline -This implant is similar to the traditional saline implant, but has an inner structure to make the breast feel more natural.
  • Silicone – Filled with silicone gel, these implants feel more similar to natural breast tissue. This option may require regular monitoring, to ensure no leakages have occurred.
  • Gummy Bear – Filled with a thicker gel and with a firmer feel, this implant is tapered at the top. Rotation of the implant may require a separate procedure to correct.
  • Round – Giving the appearance of a fuller breast, round implants can achieve more projection and carry little concern regarding rotating out of place.
  • Smooth – Considered the softest, smooth implants give more natural movement, but may also show rippling beneath the skin.
  • Textured – Made to develop scar tissue to help hold the implant in place, these implants are less likely to move around once inserted.

About Breast Reduction

If your breasts are already larger than is comfortable for your body, a breast reduction may be more suitable. In many cases, a breast reduction can reduce back pain, boost confidence, and open up a much wider range of activities for women who previously felt constricted due to the size of their breasts.

About Breast Lift and Reconstruction

Of course, breast lift and breast reconstruction surgeries can offer additional benefits, depending on your needs. If you have noticed your nipples no longer point out, but instead face the floor, a breast lift could be the perfect fit. Although this surgery does not change the size or shape of the breast, it can give you a more youthful appearance.

Breast reconstruction is a way to celebrate a successful battle against cancer and to embrace this new phase of your life. With every breast reconstruction surgery we provide, we aim to help our patients gain closure and feel confident in their bodies again.

Let Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta Help You

If you are considering breast enhancement of any type, we are here to help. Led by Dr. David B. Brothers, we have assisted countless women to feel more at ease in their bodies and are ready to do the same for you. Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta is conveniently located near Alpharetta, Marietta, Fulton County and Smyrna, GA. If you have questions and are ready to take the next step, do not hesitate to contact us.

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