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Guide to Breast Implant Shapes & Sizes


Posted October 04, 2021 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Plastic Surgery

Breast Implant Shapes and Sizes

Breast implants are not a one-size-fits-all device. What compliments one woman’s body may not be a good fit for someone else. The reason: no two sets of breasts are identical, which means that every breast augmentation surgery that makes use of a breast implant needs to be customized to the patient’s body type, natural breasts, and surgical goals. Hence, the reason for hundreds, if not thousands of different varieties of breast implants, from small and perky to over-the-top large and overtly round.

Selecting the right breast implant shape and size comes down to your body’s anatomy, the amount of natural breast tissue in the breasts, the projection and width of your natural breasts, and the look you are going for. 

At Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, our focus is to consistently deliver a stellar patient experience with unparalleled results. Patient satisfaction is our top priority. Our face and body surgery services help patients obtain their goals. By custom tailoring each procedure to every patient’s body and aging concerns, we allow them to achieve their desires while they age in the most natural way possible.


Depending on your goals, there are a few different types of implants you and your surgeon can choose from. Your body shape and type, natural breast size, and anatomy are all factors to consider when selecting the type of implant that will best suit your body.

No two breasts are alike, which is why breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. For example, the implant type and size your friend chooses may not be the best compliment to your body.

During your consultation, Dr. Brothers will review the different options and discuss the look (including size, volume, projection, and shape) you wish to achieve with your surgery. Selecting the right implant is essential in creating a natural aesthetic. 


Silicone implants are made with medical-grade silicone and are pre-filled with a cohesive silicone gel. Silicone implants are available in both teardrop and round shapes. Many women choose silicone implants because of the natural look and feel they create. If the implant ruptures or leaks, the silicone gel will remain in the implant shell or breast pocket, and the implant itself won’t collapse.

A popular silicone implant is the gummy bear implant, which are form-stable implants that maintain their shape even if the shell breaks. These implants also have more fullness at the base of the implant and a more tapered top.


These implants are round in shape and use saline (sterile saltwater) as the filing agent. Unlike silicone implants that come pre-filled from the manufacturer, your surgeon fills saline implants at the surgery. Saline implants create a natural appearance in those with naturally thick breast tissue. If an implant ruptures or leaks, the saline is absorbed and then naturally expelled by the body.

Breast Augmentation Guide CTA


Picking the right implant shape has a lot to do with the look you are trying to achieve. Unfortunately, the shape that looks good on your best friend may not be flattering to your body, which is why it’s best to schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon to review all of your options.

The natural shape of your breasts and the degree of elasticity must be considered to achieve a natural look. Your breast implants should also compliment your body and not be too big or too small (unless that’s what you want). If the shape is uncomplimentary, it can cause the implants to jutt out too much from the breast wall and look contrived.


Once you and Dr. Brothers decide on the best type of implant for your body, you can select the implant shape. Again, there are a few different options, and each shape creates a different look.


Round breast implants create a rounder breast shape and more fullness. The most commonly used implant shape, round implants, are available in various projection profiles. A higher profile option gives more upper pole fullness and a bit more lift.

Round breast implants stick out further from the body than other types of implants, which makes them project more. With your surgeon, you can also decide how high you want your implants to sit, known as the profile. Round implants are available in extra high, high, and moderate profiles.

These implants are almost always placed under the muscle, which helps achieve more fullness in the upper part of the breast and a more natural look. 

When selecting round implants, most plastic surgeons recommend a smooth version of the implant, limiting wrinkling (typical in textured implants). Another benefit to choosing round implants over other types is that the breast shape will not be affected if the implant happens to rotate. 


Shaped like a teardrop, this shape lends more of a subtle, natural contour to the breast that mimics the breast’s natural slope. Teardrop implants also create fullness in the lower part of the breast, and they tend to look more natural in thin patients with minimal breast tissue.

Teardrop implants are often the implant of choice for women with challenging breasts like constricted or tuberous breast deformities. They tend to provide natural-looking projection and rarely lead to that bolted-on look. 

Teardrop implants are encased in a textured shell. Unlike round implants, if textured implants shift their position in the breast pocket, the breasts can look distorted and disfigured. 


All breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs). Many women think that to be happy with their implants, they need to be a certain amount of ccs, but that’s not necessarily the case. The higher the number, the larger the implant. But bigger isn’t always better.

Every 150 to 200 CCs is roughly equivalent to an increase of one to one-and-a-half cup sizes. The average implant can hold about 400 CCs. If you plan on going larger, you may need unique implants larger and more equipped to have more CCs.

During your consultation with Dr. Brothers, he will ask you what cup size you would like. You will also be asked to try on different implant sizes (while wearing your bra) to get a feel for what different sizes look like on your body. This will help determine the best size for you.


Not everybody can accommodate a large implant, nor does every woman desire that look. On the other hand, if you’re naturally small, a moderately sized implant can create enough fullness to compliment your body–there’s no need to go extreme here.

Keep in mind that problems may arise with very large implants. Certain body types are better suited to accommodate implants with a high number of ccs, while others cannot support the weight. If too large of an implant is placed, you run the risk of problems and complications like:

  • Bottoming out (the bottom of the implant slips out of the pocket)
  • Wrinkles, ridges, and rippling
  • Pressure atrophy
  • Muscle and tissue thinning
  • Stretchmarks
  • Additional surgeries


Plastic surgery is a serious decision that can positively change your perception of your body, self-esteem, and outlook on life. Many plastic surgery patients say they are happier and more fulfilled after their surgery. But like any aesthetic procedure—even those that are minimally invasive or non-invasive—it’s essential to do your homework and seek out a qualified and reputable plastic surgeon. In the end, your surgical results are only as good as your surgeon’s, which is why it’s so important to select a skilled provider that understands human anatomy and the procedure of interest.

Dr. David B Brothers is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in plastic surgery for the face, breasts, and body and minimally invasive and non-invasive medical spa treatments and procedures in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and surrounding communities in Georgia. Dr. Brothers is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

At Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, our focus is to consistently deliver a stellar patient experience with unparalleled results. Patient satisfaction is our top priority. Our face and body surgery services help patients obtain their goals. By custom tailoring each procedure to every patient’s body and aging concerns, we allow them to achieve their desires while they age in the most natural way possible.

Patients of Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta have the utmost respect for Dr. Brothers and constantly sing his praise, evident in the following patient testimonials.

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