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How is Kybella® performed?


Posted February 28, 2017 in Blog

Kybella® in Atlanta, GAFor people with unwanted fat in the chin and neck area, Kybella® is a great alternative to liposuction or a neck lift.  All of the aforementioned treatments help get rid of undesirable double chins, but Kybella® is the first injectable treatment, meaning no surgery is required.  A benefit of the non-surgical route is that it requires no downtime, with very few side effects. Another great aspect of Kybella® is that it is a non-invasive fat reduction.  In other words, it uses the body’s natural processes to melt the fat away, leaving you with permanent results and no scars!

Kybella® treatments can be done in less than 30 minutes with about 3 days of down time, which makes it much easier to fit into your busy schedule! The results are permanent, as the treatment completely destroy the fat cells.

Kybella® involves a few virtually painless injections along the fatty area in order to target and destroy fat cells. Kybella® is available to most patients, depending on a few factors such as skin elasticity.

If you are interested in the Kybella® procedure, give the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta a call at 404-260-7674 to set up a consultation with Dr. Brothers. The Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta offers the Kybella® procedure to men and women in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and surrounding communities in Georgia.

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