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I’ve Been Getting Fillers for Years, Is It Time to Consider a Facelift?


Posted March 23, 2017 in Blog, Uncategorized

Facelift in Atlanta, GAOne of the great things about plastic surgery is its widespread range of options. There are usually several ways to go about helping any one of your cosmetic needs, and while this is a beautiful thing, it can be confusing when deciding which one best suits your personal situation. A big question when it comes to these decisions, particularly regarding facial procedures, is whether or not to have a surgical or nonsurgical procedure.

What are the benefits?

The two most common forms of nonsurgical facial procedures are injectables and fillers. For instance, most people have heard of Botox, a very well known, popular injectable. Injectables and fillers are appealing because they do not require real surgery. The product is usually injected into the skin through a fine, thin needle and takes very little time in terms of the actual procedure as well as the recovery. Injectables and fillers help to fill in lines and wrinkles, which can both push off the need for surgery and make the results of surgery even more prominent.

Facelifts and mini facelifts are the two common forms of facial surgical procedures. Although these procedures do require a true surgery, they are very effective in their ability to bring youth back to the face. Facelifts and mini facelifts do this through tightening the skin instead of adding to it like injectables and fillers. These surgical procedures provide a more natural and permanent option to aging than nonsurgical procedures.

Who should get facelifts or mini facelifts?

A key distinction to make when deciding between surgical or nonsurgical procedures is the effect of age. The looseness of skin in older patients makes injectables and fillers not accomplish all that they can in the tighter skin of younger patients.

While both have their benefits and limitations, the best option when making a plan for facial procedures is to get the professional opinion of a doctor. To schedule a consultation and figure out a personal treatment plan, contact Dr. Brothers at the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta in Atlanta and Sandy Springs at 404-260-7674.

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