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New Restylane Injectables at Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta


Posted March 31, 2017 in Blog

Restylane® in Atlanta, GASpring can be one of the busiest times of the year. The fads of the New Year have ended, and spring-cleaning has begun. Sometimes it feels like each year brings more and more business to our schedules. With the haphazard nature of daily life, it only makes sense for your body to feel some negative effects. However, you do not have to keep those negative effects around. One of the easiest ways to make the wrinkles and lines that come with the grind of life disappear is through injectable fillers. At the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta, you can find the latest and greatest when it comes to fillers. Some of the newest additions there and in the world of cosmetic surgery are Restylane Refyne and Defyne.

What are Restylane Refyne and Defyne?

Restylane itself is a line of injectable, hyaluronic acid fillers used on the face to get rid of wrinkles and lines. Although temporary, these products are long lasting and FDA approved. The new releases Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne are particularly distinguishable for their use on wrinkles. Previous Restylane products such as Restylane Lyft or Restylane Silk were used for adding volume to the lips or cheeks respectively, so the new products bring an exciting application for Restylane as well as for the medical spa menu at the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta.

What’s the difference?

Although similar in use, Restylane Injectable Fillers, Refyne and Defyne each have special uses that allow for all sorts of people to fix those pesky wrinkles and facial lines. While each provides a way to keep your face looking natural and smooth, Restylane Refyne is a more flexible gel with less support. Restylane Defyne, on the other hand, provides additional support with a less flexible gel. This makes Restylane Defyne better for deeper wrinkles and folds.

Don’t let the weight of wrinkles get you down. Call for more information or to schedule a consultation at the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta at 404-260-7674.

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