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State of the Art Implant-Insertion!


Posted April 30, 2017 in Blog, Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants in Atlanta, GAThe Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta proudly uses state of the art methods for implant insertion in order to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience to its patients.  For the insertion of breast implants, Dr. Brothers and his staff use the Keller Funnel.  Great benefits to this method are that it keeps the incision size very small, and cuts down on the risk of capsular contracture (hardening) as the implant never touches the patient’s skin, and is never touched by the surgeon’s gloves!

Most implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle, due to the fact that it also decreases the risk of capsular contraction, and improves general appearance.  However, many factors go into the decision process for implant placement, and each individual will receive personal recommendations from their surgeon on the ideal placement for their needs.

The Keller Funnel delivers the implant with less friction than the traditional method, and is therefore faster and gentler.  The implant insertion method directly delivers your implant into the surgical pocket, and the hydrophilic interior coating of the funnel allows for various types of implants to glide through effortlessly.  It has been successfully used hundreds of thousands of times by surgeons worldwide.

Having trouble picturing it? Imagine a cake decorator using a cornet to add detailed frosting to their cake.  In the same manner, the implant is placed into the sterile, cone-shaped plastic funnel and squeezed into the proper location.  This is what allows for the incision to be smaller than those needed for traditional insertion methods.

If you are considering breast implants and would like more information, give the Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta a call at 404-260-7674 to set up a consultation with Dr. Brothers. During your consultation, Dr. Brothers will provide more details on the process and address any questions or concerns. The Plastic Surgery Centre of Atlanta offers a variety of treatments to patients in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and the surrounding communities of Georgia.

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