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The PSC Atlanta Top 5 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips


Posted December 15, 2021 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery Recovery

Breast Augmentation in Atlanta, GA

Breast augmentation is one surgery that improves women’s lives in multiple ways. Not only do patients say that they have better self-esteem post-procedure, but many also say that their clothes fit better than ever before and that they feel ‘more proportionate.’ Yet, like all types of surgery, breast augmentation comes with its recovery process that requires plenty of downtime and rest so that the body can recuperate and yield the best result possible.

To ensure a safe and easy recovery, it’s best to prep your space, shop for all the essentials you’ll need in advance of your surgery (this way, you won’t have to stress about how to get things like your medication and food), and follow these tips, which will make the post-op process that much easier. 

1. Only wear your post-surgery bra until your doctor tells you otherwise.

Directly after surgery, you’ll wake up wearing a special compression bra, which you will need to wear for at least a few weeks. Your doctor will have you steer clear of your old bras (especially those with underwires) because they don’t provide the support you need as the breasts recover from surgery. 

During the post-op period, proper breast support is essential. Even if you need to change out your surgical bra, it should provide ample compression to help minimize any movement in the breasts. Also, it’s important not to wear a push-up bra, no matter what, which can push the implants up and out of the just-created pocket. This can lead to a poor result. 

2. Don’t freak out if your results aren’t exactly what you thought they would be at first.

It takes time for the results of a breast augmentation to settle in, which is why you need to stay calm, cool, and collected as your body recovers. Stressing out about how your breasts may look at first will only lead to negativity and can even raise cortisol levels within the body. The best thing to do is to continue to follow your surgeon’s instructions, wear your compression garment, and give your body time to recuperate. It’s normal for the breasts to sit very high on the chest first and appear more square in shape than round.

3. Stay out of the gym for the first few weeks.

Chances are, your plastic surgeon will have you avoid working out and lifting your arms over your head. While light walking (after you’ve been cleared to do so) is okay, it’s vital that your results not work out, which can hinder your results. Plus, lifting any heavy weights or lifting your arms over your head can push the implants out of place.

4. Invest in a good pillow and sit upright in bed.

As you recover, it’s important to sit upright as much as possible instead of lying down flat on your back. Sitting at a 45-degree angle will help alleviate swelling and bruising and be more comfortable. A firm pillow will work, as will a body pillow or a wedge one. When you sleep, try to sleep on an incline and your back and not on your stomach or side until your surgeon says it is okay. 

5. Stockpile your fridge well in advance with plenty of healthy foods.

Delivery diets are an easy way to alleviate the need to cook and pre-plan what you’re going to eat. But even if a pre-prepped week of food isn’t in the cards, it’s essential to fill your fridge with plenty of healthy, protein-rich foods that are low in fat and salt. Fruits and vegetables are good to snack on, as are nuts and almonds. In addition, make sure to opt for lean proteins, like salmon, chicken, eggs, and turkey, which will assist in repairing tissue and reducing inflammation.

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