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Top 5 Things to Know About Breast Enhancement Surgery


Posted January 19, 2023 in Breast Augmentation

Breast enhancement surgery is nothing to take lightly, and there’s plenty to know about the procedure before you decide to commit to it. While breast enhancement surgery has a track record for being a safe and reliable procedure, in order to achieve the results you’re looking to get, patient communication is paramount. That’s because, while breast augmentation can improve the size of the breasts, it won’t necessarily change their shape. 

For starters, not all breast enhancement surgeries require implants, and each has its benefits and exclusive uses. For example, while breast implants are used in breast augmentation surgeries to increase the size of the breasts and improve their overall shape, a breast lift and even a reduction can help enhance the profile of the breasts, too. It all comes down to deciding on the best surgery to improve what bothers you about your breasts. During your consultation with Dr. Brothers, he can discuss your options to help you achieve your goals. 

1. Your implants will likely sit very high on your chest.

If you wake up from surgery with breasts that sit too high on your chest, don’t worry—it’s normal. Immediately after a breast enhancement procedure, the breasts can appear high and like they’ve been bolted onto your breasts. That’s because the implants create initial swelling in the area, and the tissue responds to the changes. The same can happen with fat transfer to the breasts, although it’s usually not as extreme since there’s not a breast implant inserted pushing the tissue upwards.

As the tissues begin to go down and the swelling starts to subside, the breasts will start to look more natural and take on a more complimentary procedure as they soften. But, again, patience is essential—you’ll need to wait about six weeks before a difference in the positioning of the implants can be seen.

2. The breasts can be square or have a strange shape at first.

While this isn’t the case with breasts that undergo a lifting (without a breast implant) procedure or fat transfer, breast implants can appear more square than round at first. That’s because the muscle and tissues are manipulated so the breasts can force the implants into more of a temporary elongated or square shape. Then, as the breasts soften up, they’ll take on their final form, which will appear more round. 

Your breasts may also feel unnatural and hard to the touch at first. But don’t worry. That will subside in the coming weeks as everything starts to soften up.

3. The skin on the breasts may be itchy.

Anytime the skin is stretched out to accommodate the new volume, as with a breast implant, the skin can feel somewhat itchy or dry. The areas where the incisions were made can also feel itchy or uncombable. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions to alleviate any discomfort. 

4. Your nipples may look atypical at first.

Implants can change the appearance of the nipples and the areola, making them look large and stretched out to accompany the stretching skin. But once the implants settle, the nipples should too. However, if any surgical work is done to the nipples themselves, which is usually part of a breast lift, they may have a new, altered appearance that lasts indefinitely. 

5. You’ll need help as you recover.

After any breast enhancement surgery, you’ll need some help at home, especially since you’ll have limited movement of your arms. It’s best to ensure you have an adult at home who can help get you in and out of bed and with small chores and activities around the house. You’ll also be advised not to work out for at least six weeks or until your doctor gives you the green light.

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