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Top 3 Fat Transfer Target Areas for Body Contouring


Posted January 19, 2023 in Plastic Surgery

There’s nothing quite like fat transfer for plumping up flat, volume-deficient areas of the body. While fat transfer gained a reputation for being a natural filler of sorts, it quickly escalated from being used exclusively on the face to including the body. Simply put, fat can be taken from where we don’t want it and transferred to where it suits us best. We put together the top fat transfer target areas for body contouring.

Fat transfer remains one of the most popular surgeries, whether performed independently or alongside another procedure, like a mommy makeover or a facelift. Patients of all ages can benefit from fat transfer, and the results it produces on the body for contouring purposes make it a highly requested procedure. However, just because you choose to undergo fat transfer doesn’t mean a lot of fat needs to be used, or your result will look artificial and overdone. In fact, the goal is the opposite with fat transfer surgeries.

There are a few different areas on the body where fat can be harvested successfully and then transferred. Most patients want to get rid of fat in places where it’s abundant and bothersome, like the stomach and inner thighs, where the fat cells tend to be the healthiest and able to thrive in their new home. On average, the transferred fat has a strong survival rate, with about 50 percent, or sometimes more, of it staying where it’s added. Technique is essential so that the transplanted fat blends in with the existing fat for a natural and smooth look.

These are the top 3 fat transfer target areas for body contouring:

1. The Buttock

If the idea of a fuller, plumper, round buttock is something you’d rather have than wish for, consider fat transfer to the buttock for body contouring. Known as the Brazilian Bitt Lift (BBL), the popular procedure takes fat from areas where it’s unwanted and puts it into the buttock. Liposuction is first done to remove fat from the lower back, stomach area, or waist. Then, it is purified and injected into the hips and buttock to create more shape and give the buttock a lifted appearance. There will also be more of a difference between the waist and hips for an hourglass-like figure. 

BBLs require using more fat than other fat transfer procedures because of the size of the feature and for a visible difference to be achieved. The typical BBL removes about 5,000 ccs of fat and places about 1,000 to 2,000 ccs into each cheek. However, the surgery is customizable, so you can choose to go as small or as large as you desire (safely, of course) as long as you have a “healthy” BMI (and enough fat to harvest. 

2. The Breasts

Not every patient who wants to add some size to their breasts wants a breast augmentation, and that’s where fat transfer comes in. Like a BBL, the fat is first harvested via liposuction and then cleaned before it’s injected into the upper part of the breasts to add volume and round out their shape.

Adding fat to the breasts is an excellent way to correct mild asymmetry in the breasts. However, it’s essential to know that the size increase is not as dramatic as what can be accomplished with a breast implant. This is why fat transfer to the breast is best for women who want a slight boost in size or a minor refinement in volume or upper pole fullness. 

3. The hands

One of the more under-the-radar uses of fat transfer is in the hands, often used to help rejuvenate their appearance and eliminate any boniness. While many of us pay ample attention to our faces and bodies, we often forget that our hands experience aging, too. Like other parts of the body, they lose fat and become bony and wrinkled. Aging hands are a valid giveaway to our actual age.

Hands that appear thin with boniness that overrides their appearance tend to do well with fat transfer. The procedure relies on fat being removed from one area of the body and transferring it to the hands (after it’s cleaned). Adding fat to the hands prevents the muscles and tendons from appearing prominent. Plus, the fat gives natural plumpness to the hands—no one will know what you have done!

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