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Kabelline vs. Kybella – Is Kybella Right For me?


Posted February 16, 2023 in Facial Surgery

That snatched, perfectly contoured, sharp-as-glass jawline is what everyone strives to achieve these days. And part of the formula for creating a snatched jawline is debulking any extra fat under the chin, which can cause a heavy-looking lower face and detract from a well-defined jawline.

When debulking the area under the chin, the options include liposuction—a more invasive surgical procedure that comes with significant downtime—and non-surgical treatments like Kybella and Kabelline. While both injectable treatments aim to reduce the pinchable fat in the chin area, they are two different products and work independently.

So how can you know if Kybella or Kabelline is right for you? If you live in Atlanta, GA, consider yourself lucky because we offer Kybella treatments that professionals and experts administer for natural-looking results. Here’s everything you need to know about the two options.

What is Kabelline?

Like Kybella, Kabelline is a form of deoxycholic acid, naturally found in the body. In injectable form, the ingredient can help dissolve fat permanently. While Kybella received FDA approval for use under the chin and is the most popular injectable treatment for slimming out the chin, Kabelline lacks clinical trials. However, many websites sell Kabelline, and some medispas offer it too.

When it comes to Kabelline vs. Kybella, there are quite a few differences to take note of. Kabelline is considered a European and South Korean counterpart to Kybella, but currently, Kabelline does not hold FDA approval for use. The injectable fat-reducing serum is said to resolve fat in the chin area to destroy it directly, comparable to how Kybella works. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer swell or grow back, making it a permanent alternative to reach your aesthetic goals. 

With Kabelline, the results purportedly produce minor swelling and a quicker onset of action to create a more chiseled and defined look. But because the formula is not well studied in America, it’s hard to quantify its effects.

Kybella treatments in Atlanta reign supreme, and Kybella is still the preferred injectable treatment for ridding the chin area of extra fat.

What is Kabelline made of?

Kabelline and Kybella are made from deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring bile acid. While some providers feel Kybella works better for a moderate to severe double chin, Kabelline may work better on minimal fat. That’s because Kabelline is a lower dosage, so it may not work nearly as intensely as Kybella. 

What is the strongest fat-dissolving injection?

Kybella treatment is the strongest fat-dissolving injection for treating the double chin. It works by injecting a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid directly into the fatty deposits under the chin. Each treatment session takes about 20 minutes, and anywhere from two to six are recommended to reduce excess fat and bulkiness. 

Some patients may also consider CoolSculpting to reduce a double chin and streamline the jawline. However, when weighing the pros and cons of CoolSculpting vs. Kybella, it’s essential to recognize that they are different types of treatments. Often, patients find that they can get more definition with Kybella vs. CoolSculpting. That’s because CoolSculpting freezes the fat, whereas Kyeblla destroys them with a particular solution.

How does Kybella look after one treatment?

If you think you’ll see results from Kybella after one treatment, that’s not the case. Multiple Kybella treatments are often needed to eradicate all unwanted fat under the chin. Even though numerous Kybella treatments are necessary, it remains the most potent fat-reducing injectable.

After each session, the area under the chin will swell and look worse before it gets better. There are usually a few days of social downtime since the chin, jawline, and neck area can be quite swollen. There may be some lingering redness and bruising, too. However, no incisions are required, and there’s no scarring either.

For the most part, most patients find the safe and effective treatment well tolerated despite mild swelling, discomfort, and potential numbness. Any side effects that result from Kybella often resolve in a few days. But it’s vital to seek Kybella in Atlanta with a certified injector who knows how to administer the treatment appropriately.

How many injection sessions you’ll need depends on how much fat exists under the chin and the goal you are trying to achieve. Most patients require multiple treatments—up to six—to reach their goals, with one month in between each session,

After one treatment of Kybella, the area may show signs of fat reduction, but usually, one treatment will not provide results that make patients happy. Therefore, a series of treatments is needed to see the best results from Kybella. 

How does Kybella work?

Kybella destroys fat under the chin (the submental fat) permanently. By relying on deoxycholic acid, a bile acid, the injections eliminate fat in the area so that the fat cells are entirely disarmed, and fat can not be stored there anymore. With a reduction of fat cells in the area, the cells cannot swell and hang onto fat. In turn, the skin looks tighter and better defined with a more youthful appearance.

Before the treatment, your injector will mark up the area under the chin to inject using a marker. Then, a topical numbing cream may be applied to the injection site. Next, anywhere from 20 to 50 injections are made under the chin to deliver the acid to the area. As the acid makes contact with the fat cells, they are slowly killed and broken down by the body and then ushered out naturally.

Does Kybella work?

Yes, Kyeblla works. But patience is key in seeing the results. That’s because the results are not immediate, and it often takes a series of injections to see a refined appearance and a less bulky chin. 

Kybella in Atlanta is a popular treatment, and many patients are happy with the results. 

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