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Top 9 Body Areas for Kybella Injections


Posted May 24, 2023 in Blog

Top 9 Body Areas for Kybella Injections

It seems like everyone is on a quest to get rid of fat where they don’t want and add volume where it’s lacking. One of the easiest ways to get rid of fat—meaning there’s no dieting or working out involved and no heavy lifting on your part—is with Kybella injections. Historically, the injectable fat melter holds FDA approval for treating the area under the chin. But like everything else in the world of aesthetics, new ways to use proven treatments become popular, giving injectables like Kybella more than one purpose.

Kybella, a popular treatment for permanently eliminating fat, works by targeting select fat cells within a given area to kill them. The key ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which naturally exists within the GI tract. However, injecting the acid directly into areas burdened by stubborn fat forces the fat cells to rupture so that they can not regenerate in that area or elsewhere. Then, the body safely ushers the dead fat cells out. Once the fat is killed, it’s gone for good, giving more contour and shape to the area. And no matter where your provider injects Kybella, it all works the same to eliminate fat.

Multiple injection sessions are needed to dwindle down the fat regardless of the treatment area. Most patients respond well to a series of injections—three or more—every six weeks. Smaller body parts may require fewer rounds of treatment, while larger ones usually necessitate more.

Here, we share the top 9 body areas for Kybella injections and what you need to know about each one.

1. The Jowls

Strategically injecting the jowls (the area below the jawline that tends to sag) with Kybella helps to reduce bulkiness in the area. This noninvasive technique trims and firms the area without any surgery (in years past, that was the only way to improve jowls). Jowls tend to form for various reasons, including collagen and elastin loss, fat descent, sun damage, weight gain, and aging. To date, Kybella is the only nonsurgical option for improving the fat within jowls to shrink them in size and create more of a sculpted jawline. However, multiple sessions of Kybella are necessary to see the results, which typically don’t transpire for three to six months.

2. The Chin

The area under the chin, known as a turkey waddle or double chin, is one of the most complex parts of the body to slim down. But Kybella injections are incredibly effective in safely eliminating a difficult double chin look, which frustrates many people. Once the fat is destroyed, it’s gone for good. But a lack of fat under the chin can cause, in some patients, the skin to appear less taut, so it’s recommended to assess skin quality before treatment to determine if additional skin-tightening treatments may be necessary.

3. The Arms

Like the chin, fat on the arms is difficult to tame. Fat likes to call the arms home, and while diet and exercise help, sometimes the fat in the arms needs a little push in the right direction. While hormones are essentially to blame for stubborn fat in the arms, plastic surgery procedures that shape and trim away the fat can leave behind rather large scars, which many patients don’t want. Instead, Kybella injections into the upper arms are an excellent alternative. Not only do they destroy unwanted fat, but they also help define the muscle so that it appears more toned.

4. Bra Rolls

Annoying back fat that peeks out of your bra can be challenging to deal with, leaving plenty of women to resort to smoothing bras and hiding under big, loose-fitting tops. However, a few injections of Kybella into the fat help spot treat these areas giving the back and the bra line a smoother contour.

5. The Armpits

Like the bra roll, fat in the armpit can appear and cause you to limit your clothing choices. However, the off-label use of Kyeblla in the armpit is popular for targeting fat, that’s often the cause of hormones and genetics.

6. The Chest (in males)

It’s not just women who are bothered by fat; men are too. Many men experience gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of their breasts, often caused by excess estrogen, causing the breast tissue to grow. For patients unwilling or unable to undergo liposuction to address fat in their chest, Kybella makes for an excellent alternative. Plus, it helps to give added contour and definition to the chest, which most men appreciate.

7. The Stomach

Fat in the abdomen, as well as the love handles, is tricky to target. Other noninvasive techniques exist, but there’s been a pendulum swing towards Kybella to treat these body parts, especially since there’s little risk of bumps, lumps, or bulges.

8. The Thighs

Both the inner and outer thighs respond well to Kybella, especially the saddlebag area, which holds onto fat yet rarely lets it go without an intervention of some sort. Getting rid of fat on the thighs leaves many women feeling more confident about their legs. The banana roll can also be treated with Kybella for a smooth transition from the back of the legs into the thighs.

9. The Knees and Ankles

Fatty deposits on the knees and ankles leave plenty of people wanting to cover these areas. But debulking excess fat in the inner and outer thighs and the ankles can give a leaner, more tapered look to the legs with added tone. 

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